You have come to the right place. The Resourceful CEO provides you with the tools to be a more effective business owner / CEO. It’s here to guide you in identifying, addressing, and resolving many of the issues you encounter as a business owner/CEO. As a CEO, you are a generalist…or you need to be. And you need to know how to access specialists when you need them. The Resourceful CEO helps you do both. It will help you be an excellent generalist and determine exactly what you need before accessing and engaging specialists.

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The Resourceful CEO will help you get the funding your company needs.

The Resourceful CEO will help you draw the right investors in.

  • The Resourceful CEO will provide you the best way to track your revenue, profitability, and overhead to ensure maximum profits.
  • The Resourceful CEO will help you track, measure, diagnose and resolve cash flow issues.
  • The Resourceful CEO will help you find and retain the best people.

In each module you will receive:

  1. Brief insightful, instructional videos (3-5 minutes long) that answer common questions and concerns in that subject.
  2. Ebooks that address specific issues in detail.
  3. Templates.
  4. Case studies and examples.
  5. A series of questions that help guide you to the answers.
  6. Webinars that provide detailed overviews and how-tos

Module 1: Business Financing

  • Learn about the various financing sources that your competitors don’t know about.
  • Maximize your banking relationships with advice that helps you get approved.
  • Learn about the available debt (loans) and equity (investors) options.
  • Get step-by-step alternatives to pursue based on business type.
  • Get 24 detailed case studies show what others have done in similar situations.
  • Get 3 actual executive summaries that were used to access funding.

Module 2: Business Cash Flow

  • What is Cash Flow? Why is it important?
  • Determining and calculating cash flow.
  • Tracking cash flow.
  • Making internal adjustments to enhance cash flow.
  • Creating policies and procedures for improved cash flow.

Module 3: Profitability

  • Gross profit vs. net profit
  • What factors into your gross profit.
  • Measuring and tracking your COGS
  • Overhead

Module 4: Strategic Marketing

Module will be available on March 15

Module 5: Maximizing Your Employees

Module will be available on April 1