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  • Do you have difficulty accessing bank financing or other debt funding services and aren’t sure what to do? The Resourceful CEO will help you get the funding your company needs.
  • Do you want to pursue investors but aren’t sure if you really do or, if so, how to do it? The Resourceful CEO will help you figure it out and draw investors in.
  • Do you know what you average weekly cash flow is? Is it positive or negative? Do you wonder why you are profitable but always short on cash? The Resourceful CEO will help you track, measure, diagnose and resolve.
  • Generating decent revenue but not hitting your profitability goals? Not sure why? Is it your cost of goods or services sold or is it your overhead? Do you know? Need help? The Resourceful CEO will provide it.
  • Do you have difficulty finding or retaining employees? If this is a continual problem, they are not the problem, you are. The Resourceful CEO will help you change this.
The Resourceful CEO will provide you with the tools to be a more effective business owner / CEO. If you do not have a management team, this site will serve as your de facto strategic management team. This membership site is your key to a stronger, better business.

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