According to InvestopediaCash management involves, …”process of collecting, managing and (short-term) investing cash. A key component of ensuring a company’s financial stability and solvency.” The definition goes on to say, “Successful cash management involves not only avoiding insolvency (and therefore bankruptcy), but also reducing days in account receivables (AR), increasing collection rates, selecting appropriate short-term investment vehicles, and increasing days cash on hand all in order to improve a company’s overall financial profitability.”

The Resourceful CEOTM provides cash management analysis and consulting that will help you both understand where and when your cash inflows and outflows are occurring and identify what you can do immediately and over the longer term to increase your operating cash flow. If your company is growing and in need of growth financing, we will work with you to identify sources of short-term and long-term debt or equity and assess the impact of those decisions on your company’s financial position and growth prospects.

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