Executive Summary - Real Estate Project Sample

Executive Summary - Real Estate Project Sample
By Tiffany Wright

XYZ, LLC is a special-purpose entity formed specifically to purchase land and build a condominium/mixed-use project. The proposed project will be located at A. Avenue and will capitalize on the redevelopment fever sweeping through Atlanta’s near-downtown areas. This revitalization fervor began with the rebuilding of downtown Atlanta as part of preparations for the 1996 Olympics. Midtown Atlanta has seen a significant amount of improvements in the last several years with the creation of more than one million square feet of office space, the development of hundreds of condo units and apartment units, and the addition of restaurants and other small businesses that serve the new residents. Similar growth is now radiating out to form a continuous line of development from already-developed areas such as Midtown, Little Five Points, and Virginia Highlands to include the still-transitioning areas such as Poncey-Highlands and the Old Fourth Ward.