How to Successfully Turnaround a Business: Ten Steps

If your business is in dire financial straits, you need to immediately turnaround your business. A turnaround is different from a restructuring in that it is much more comprehensive and very swift. To implement a successful turnaround, you must perform the following ten steps. It is optimal to do it in the order presented. Many…

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10 Business Plan Competition Dos and Don’ts

As someone who has also judged business plan competitions, I thought his observations were interesting and helpful. So I’m passing them on to you. – T. Wright 10 Business Plan Dos and Don’ts from by David Ronick Each year, I help fellow entrepreneurs and investors judge the MBA business plan competition at Harvard Business…

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25 Advertising Networks for Online Businesses | Practical eCommerce

This is an excellent article for small and medium business owners seeking ways to promote their respective companies. This is a article that I saw on Practical eCommerce. Google’s AdSense and AdWords are two of the most widely used advertising platforms for online business. And although Google facilitates a massive amount of traffic online, there…

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