4 Ways to Build Office Unity by Planning a Corporate Party

Employee unity via an office party.

Celebrating wins with an office party is important, as it promotes employee unity.

When office workers know each other as more than just colleagues, they feel much more comfortable expressing their ideas. Seeing each other as rounded human beings, they are more supportive of each other’s projects. Teamwork seems more natural.

A corporate office party always builds this sense of unity. By bringing all of the employees together in an environment free from the deadline pressures of the workday, employees can really focus on seeing the organization as a whole, rather than the operational piece they are responsible for each day.

Start with a Great Name

When you announce the party, having a cool name creates immediate interest. Coming up with a name that emphasizes unity sets the tone for the party. If the party will include all the members of several sales and customer service teams after a stellar quarter, something like “Sales and customer service 4th quarter blowout celebration,” makes sense. Be sure to emphasize during the party how all teams worked together to create the success.


These get employees to attend. They also get them to stay until the end of the party. Building some buzz around the prizes before they are raffled off gets employees talking. The cohesive environment sets the stage for unifying the office around the company’s mission. To succeed, employees and teams that work in different areas need a chance to get to know each other, which is easiest when all employees are staying until the end of the event. Prizes are a great way to get your employees excited and talking.

Try a New Venue

Getting employees outside of their normal work environment helps create unity. Office workers can get stuck in the rut of seeing each other in the same place at the same time doing the same thing. Seeing their coworkers in a whole new place brings a refreshing change that can make employees see each other in a whole new light.

Have Great Food

When you provide great food, employees feel rewarded. They feel that they have earned a catered meal with their favorite tasty treats. Very few employees will miss a catered lunch or dinner! Catering services like Krisp Events in New York City provide wide varieties of foods that fit every palate. Getting a catering service helps to change things up and to show your employees that you care.

Unity matters in today’s competitive business world. Employees must work together to make the company’s mission a success. Throwing a catered party rewards employees while bringing them together.

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