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As we start the new year, as business owners, it is important to consider what it means to be a leader and how to develop our team into leaders. Effective leaders must be empowered to do so. And managers must be developed and mentored to become effective leaders.

Here are a few articles that I wrote for ADP, which address these points from different perspectives. Enjoy. – TCW

Effective leadership via ADP's Empathy in Leadership article

ADP effective leadership article: Empathy in Leadership

“While understanding perspectives and sharing others’ emotional states may not seem directly correlated with running a profit, it turns out that empathy in leadership is extremely important.”
“Transforming your organization into a more empathetic workplace can lead to myriad benefits.”

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ADP effective leadership through mentoring

Effective leadership: ADP article, Accelerate Employee Growth through Mentoring

Although people learn a great deal of the information they need to work effectively in their jobs and grow in their careers in school, much of leadership education involves practical, on-the-job learning. One means to accelerate this learning and development is through the use of mentoring programs in the workplace. There are numerous advantages to having formal mentoring programs in the workplace. However, why should you, as a finance leader, allocate resources to these programs?”

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An international recruitment strategy for effective leadership

Effective leadership: ADP article regarding an International Recruitment Strategy

As global communication becomes increasingly easier, the globalization of business has accelerated. Multinationals continue to dominate in this environment, but smaller firms that have also leveraged these communication advances are participants in, and recipients of, the globalization process. With increased education and the new technological platforms that have improved the access to workers in various countries around the world, more firms are seeking international workers to supplement their domestic workforce.”

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