3 Problems Tearing Your Management Team Apart And How To Fix Them

Business leadership meeting

Business leadership needs to get along and resolve differences for a firm to flourish.

Every team faces conflicts, but when the team you’ve assembled to manage your business is clashing too much, it can be detrimental to every aspect of production. Problems can arise for a number of reasons, and the responsibility will be on you to see them resolved. Below are three major issues seen in management teams. You must be able to recognize these before they get worse. Once you know what they are, work to fully resolve them so that they don’t reappear again.

Personality Conflicts

Some people’s personalities simply do not click, and when they’re forced to work together, it may not go smoothly. The key to making this a non-issue is to have employees voice concerns and issues they’re having with one another, so that you can determine and implement productive ways of getting work done. Consider bonding and communication exercises, or utilize outside bonding activities like Houdini’s Room Escape to promote cooperation and closeness. Getting your managers working together in fun environments can pave the way to better work relations.


When your team is divided among different roles and duties, they can fall into the trap of myopia: working in terms of their management roles instead of the business at large. Instead of working as a unit, they work as individuals in their singular areas. Have managers collaborate on what needs to be done in each sector, having them assist in areas where others are weaker. Remind them of how their roles serve the entire company, and that what their colleagues do affects them, too.

Inadequate Leadership

You don’t have to define someone to “reign” over all the managers, but having someone who can identify issues is key to getting work done. If there are attendance or production issues, someone should want and be able to work with team members to fix them. They can assign specific roles and keep everyone focused on the tasks at hand. Don’t forget to hold regular meetings to keep tabs on everyone’s progress. Communicating with members of management is the best way to identify their needs.

Your business and customers alike suffer when the people in charge can’t create a productive environment. A well-working team isn’t difficult to obtain, but it requires effort on your and the team’s part to make it happen. The most important rule is to communicate these problems in order to address them. The faster you get them out of the way, the happier your people will be.

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