Business SEO: Best Tips to Optimize Your Company’s Website

Business SEO

Business SEO can help your website be the information and marketing tool you meant it to be.

Optimizing a website is an ongoing process that requires patience and devotion. While you could immediately dump money into a pay-per-click campaign, that style of marketing is prohibitively expensive for many businesses. Instead, you or your marketing team may want to try a few of these tips that are both effective and affordable.

Keep Producing Content

Creating eye-catching content is an excellent way to boost your site’s standings. Even if you are in a relatively static industry that has not changed for many years, your company should still try to come up with relevant material that will bring visitors to your site and then convert them into customers. Some of the content your company can produce includes blogs, opinion pieces, white pages, how-tos, press releases, and engaging videos.

Restructure Your Landing Pages

After a visitor clicks on a link to head to your company’s website, they need to land on a page that is relevant to the link. Clickbait links and headlines have become very popular in recent years, but they can be incredibly damaging to  your website’s reputation. Whenever a new link is posted, it must direct back to a page that delivers on any promises that are made. Many leading social media companies and search engines are now cracking down on clickbait sites and pages.

Streamline Your Sales Pages

No matter how much fresh traffic your business is drawing to its website, all of the time and money you invest into your online marketing campaign will be for nothing if you have low conversion rates. One of the reasons why so many companies have relatively low conversion rates is because their sales pages are cumbersome and difficult to use. Your company’s sales page should have relevant information, crisp pictures, and a clear path to make a purchase. For example, if someone is trying to find air mixers for laboratories, they need to be able to see the product right there. Such a product should be placed in a category that is easy to find, i.e., it doesn’t take more than two or three clicks to find.

Become an Industry Leader

In order to optimize your company website, your marketing team will need to make some changes on and off your pages. This includes creating backlinks with other industry websites that do well in the search engine results pages. As long as your business is not a direct competitor with the other websites, then consider contacting them to exchange links. This is often done with guest pieces or simply referencing one another in your content. High-quality backlinks leading to and from major websites will steadily boost your business’ website rankings.

Those who continue to have trouble with their online presence should consider having their website audited. During these audits, a team will go over every aspect of your site to find out where changes must be made and what can be left alone.

About the Author

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. Hannah highly recommends using search engine results to find air mixers for laboratories from Arrow Engineering as this is a great example of ranking high for your business.