Tactics for Being the Best Boss

Improving the manager's skills

Having an open door policy and encouraging unscheduled engagement and continuing education can strengthen you and your management team’s management skills.

When someone on your team is promoted to a position where he or she is the boss, it can be a bit intimidating. This is especially true if it happens unexpectedly or is not something he or she had been planning on. While it is a great opportunity, it is also common for them to feel a little nervous. After all, they have probably had their share of bad bosses, and they definitely don’t want to be one of those. Here are some tactics you can use to help your managers be great bosses.

Embrace Communication

One of the biggest keys to being a good boss is learning how to communicate effectively. You have to understand the importance of listening, not just talking. It’s essential that your employees feel like you are paying attention to their needs. In addition, listening enables you to pick up on unsaid things and to stay on top of any issues that may be developing.

At the same time, you have to be able to communicate effectively. This enables you to get your ideas across and ensure everyone is on the same page. You should communicate often and make sure employees know you are always there for them. Be willing to answer questions or offer further explanations. Strongly encourage your managers to do the same.

Respect Employees

It’s important for your managers learn how to work with a variety of people. Workplaces are now very diverse, so your  managers (and you) will be the boss to people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. You have to respect every person’s uniqueness, too, as WSU Online notes. Respect that they may approach things differently than you do and may think different. Allow for an active exchange of ideas and viewpoints to engage everyone.

It can be tough working with people you are unfamiliar with. Or even worse, it can be downright awkward if your manager was promoted and is now the boss of people he or she was once coworkers with. Keep things friendly and collegial by respecting that your employees may feel weird about the new manager being their boss. Ease everyone into things. However, ensure that the new manager doesn’t compromise his or her your authority. Tell him or her to open the door to everyone and invite them in to discuss any concerns they may have. Making them feel as if they have some control over the situation can really help soothe the awkward vibes.

Back Things Up With Education

Being a good boss starts with the right education. If your managers aren’t properly educated, or deemed as such, it may be difficult for their employees to truly respect them. It could be tricky to get them to look at your manager as a superior if many of them have a better educational background than he or she does or if they perceive that they are much smarter or knowledgeable in most areas than their boss. Click here to learn about choosing the right school to help them prepare to work at the management level.

Being a good boss is all about how you approach the situation. If you come in as a dominating force, things are likely to take a bad turn. However, if you show respect for your employees, prove you are the best person for the job and create an environment that is welcoming, you can often get things done while also maintaining positive employee relationships, which is mainly what defines a good boss. This is what your managers need to understand.