Happy Thanksgiving to All Business Owners!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all business owners!!

Today is the day to give thanks.

Customers and Clients

Please give thanks for your customers and clients, without whom you would have no revenue or sales, and therefore, no business. Although things may not always go smoothly with them, listening to their complaints can provide you with a wealth of knowledge that you can use to improve your business processes. For those of you who continually get glowing reviews from your customers, listening to why they love you – and acting on this – helps you continue to generate such a high level of customer satisfaction.


Express gratitude for your employees. They are the driving force of your business. If some of you could fully automate your business and have no employees, you would! Others of you think the more, the merrier. Regardless of your perspective on employees, you need them. Let them know that you are grateful for the work they provide you. All of us just want to be heard. Be grateful for them and show it and you’ll be amazed by what happens.

Vendors and Suppliers

Show appreciation to your vendors and suppliers. They provide the fuel for your business. Without the timely and accurate delivery of their quality goods and services, your business would falter. Let them know they matter.

Lenders and Investors

Your lenders may watch over you to ensure you do not violate any debt covenants, and your investors may pester you to grow faster but without them, where would you be? You and  your co-founders, if you have any, convinced your investors to invest the funds needed to grow your business to the next level and beyond. If you have lenders, you or someone on your team convinced them that your company did and would generate enough cash flow to re-pay them in a timely fashion. Be grateful. Be very grateful. Their questions and concerns keep you on your toes. Furthermore, without the cash flow that these individuals and entities provide, your business could go under in weeks or months!


If you have a Board of Directors or Advisory Board, these individuals help you to ask tough questions and get answers. They help you to build a stronger – maybe bigger, maybe not – more profitable business. Say thank you to them. Advisors are often a highly unappreciated group and will be honored to hear that you value them.

Family and Friends Who Provide Support

We all need balance, right? Why do you work so hard? Yes, you may want to build something great. Yes, you may want to empower your employees or make a mark in your industry. But you also likely want to have money to spend on your family and friends or to have freedom to spend more time with them. Whatever your desire, be thankful that you have people in your life who stop you from being  a workaholic and who add dimension and further meaning to your life.

appreciate yourself as a business owner

Be grateful for you. You are so amazing, go ahead and kiss yourself!


Finally, be thankful for and appreciative of yourself. We often compare up and not down and therefore do not realize all the amazing things we have done. Today is the day to do that. Make a list of some of your accomplishments in various areas of your life. Look at this list daily from now to year end. As a successful business owner, you are already in stratisfied space. You are so great you just may need to kiss yourself!