Business Bust: 6 Ways Your Business Security Could Be Lacking

A lack of security in one or more areas can be detrimental to businesses because it can put valuable equipment and information in jeopardy. Companies often have a difficult time seeing growth if they don’t have the right security systems in place to keep the wrong people from gaining access to confidential information and spaces. A security breach can also result in fines or a loss of money for a company. Therefore, it is important for business owners and managers to be aware of and take steps to address or stop potential security issues.

Training Security Issues

Many businesses experience security issues when they don’t institute proper training for employees. It is important for workers to know what information is considered confidential and what steps they should take to keep important data secure from hackers. The brand of training needed depends on the type of business. For example, healthcare companies require that employees go through HIPAA training. Not following governmental or organizational guidelines for employee training could cause businesses to incur fines or even be shut down.

Building Access Security Issues

When buildings have secure information or equipment inside, they need to be protected. Sometimes, new business owners don’t think about the need for security personnel or systems until outsiders have already gotten into their buildings. Some companies are able to operate with lock-and-key systems, but this often isn’t effective for companies with multiple employees. Workers will be more apt to “piggyback” with others to get into a building if they don’t have badges or other devices that allow them access into buildings.

Computer Access Security Issues

It may seem like a common practice for employees to lock their computers when going to breaks or lunches and not let others know their passwords, but these two simple habits can cause businesses the biggest headaches when they aren’t followed. By not communicating to employees the importance of taking steps to keep information safe, managers and business owners could be creating potential security issues. Another problem that businesses can face is employee access to programs or databases. If they don’t limit access to sensitive data, for only those who need that information, companies could face problems when lower-level employees use or give out the information to someone incorrectly.

Personnel Security Issues

Employees themselves can pose potential security issues if they become disgruntled or show a lack of caring for security. By not monitoring their employees’ computer use or continuing to give someone access to confidential information or spaces after being fired, businesses could be setting themselves up for potential issues. A lack of security policies or in-depth recruiting and hiring processes could lead to a company having to deal with apathetic or discontented employees.

Outside Device Security Issues

Mobile devices have become a huge security risk, especially for companies dealing with sensitive personal, financial and medical information. In the beginning stages, businesses often don’t have a clearly defined policy for cell phone use. Mobile devices can pose a risk because of the potential of security breaches, information sharing, a lack of passwords and security software and apps containing malware.

Network Security Issues

Network security issues have quickly become one of the biggest threats to companies’ overall security. By not taking steps to create secure networks, firewalls and email restrictions, business owners can open their companies up to cybersecurity issues, such as viruses, phishing, spyware or malware. A lack of data encryption, strong passwords or security policies can also contribute to cybersecurity issues. Businesses should consider hiring professionals, like those that perform IT services, to help them ensure their business security is up-to-date and fix any security issues that may come up in the future.

Cybersecurity is not a small issue that companies should try to address quickly. They need to continually adapt to be able to face any potential security issues related to computers, building access and employee habits. By being proactive about business security, businesses can have a better chance of seeing success.

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