Stepping Away is Important for Perspective and Restoration

Hiking as a small business owner

Me, Tiffany C. Wright, hiking in a bamboo patch of forest.

I recently hiked in a Georgia state park with a younger cousin of mine. I hadn’t hiked in awhile. The scenery was beautiful, the air was clear, and the weather was perfect. The air smelled deliciously clean. I heard the birds singing to one another and felt the warm breeze across my face and arms. The physical exertion felt good in that environment.

I have recently been working diligently, including several entire weekends, which I make it a point NOT to do on a regular basis. (I typically allow several hours of work on Sunday after a day off on Saturday.) So I decided to go hiking with my cousin on a Wednesday at 2 pm. I did not feel guilty because I knew I needed it. I love the gym but it is necessary to occasionally step away from all the noise and hubbub and get outdoors. This post contains a couple of photos from my adventure.

So how does “hiking” apply to you?

As a business owner, it is easy to get wrapped up in the issues and challenges in your business. Your business may be a very large component of your life, but it is not your entire life…unless you choose to make it so. I say “choose” because some business owners will constantly say what they “must”, “should” or “have to” do. However, most of that is self-imposed. You may be operating from a set of beliefs that makes this mantra largely sub-conscious, but it is your choice, no one else can make you do it.  That is why it is so important to interrupt this pattern. When you feel like you are never doing enough, you are obviously not taking time to appreciate what you do have or what you have accomplished. You are also not taking time to put things into perspective and see the bigger picture. You are wearing yourself down and need to restore.

Exercise and outdoors are important for small business owners.

Me sitting on a large rock in the Chattahoochee River.

Step away to put things in perspective.

As you can see from the photos, I obviously work out on a regular basis. I have stated this in other posts. Working out and eating well keeps me healthy and keeps my mind sharp. I made the connection years ago in high school and have shifted my workouts and my concept of healthy eating over time. If you do not already eat healthy and work out, I highly recommend that you begin to do this. You will notice a vast improvement in your energy levels and your ability to focus for long periods of time.

In addition to healthy eating and working out, I make sure that I interrupt my pattern by doing something different outside. It is important to step away from your usual routines and environments to gain perspective. One way to do this is through meditation. (Of course, this could be part of your routine but you are not on auto-pilot and you are interrupting or stopping your usual thought pattern).  Another way is to periodically get outside. Take a walk in the park. Go skiing. Go kayaking or canoeing. Do like me and go hiking in the mountains or on the trails in and around your city or town. When you get outside in fresh air and focus on the wonderful sights, sounds and smells around you, you notice the abundance that surrounds you, you feel more connected to this world in general and your problems begin to feel smaller.

Here’s to your continued health and success!