4 Ways To Protect Your Business Against A Natural Disaster


You need to take action to protect your business and its assets in the event of a natural disaster.

Your business is important. Whether you are located on the east coast and subject to hurricanes, in the interior and subject to tornadoes or on the west coast and subject to earthquakes, a natural disaster could cause significant adverse disruptions in your business. Therefore, you need to consider various means to protect your business from these and other natural disasters so that it continues to operate and you are compensated in the event of losses.

1. Invest In The Right Insurance

Do thorough research in order to find and obtain better than adequate property insurance for your business. A good insurance plan should cover all of your needs during and after a natural disaster. Your plan should cover damage to buildings, special equipment, and important documents. One important consideration is business interruption coverage, which provides reimbursement for income lost during an interruption. Identify the specific needs of your business and then find the right insurance plan for those needs.

2. Develop A Strategy

Develop a plan to execute during a disaster. Figure out a way to contact employees about incoming disasters. Develop a safe evacuation plan. Notify customers regarding potential delays during or after the disaster. If at all possible, create a plan to move important office equipment to a more secure location. Educate your employees on the protocol they need to take when disaster does strike.

Plan for the recovery stage of a natural disaster as well. Know what’s in store for your business after a disaster happens. How will it affect your business, and what are the best options to fix these problems? What actions can be taken in advance to make the repair process less painful?

3. Have A Survival Kit Ready

If a natural disaster is serious enough, a kit may be needed to ensure everyone’s safety. Kits can be equipped with flashlights, batteries, and lighters. Encourage your employees to consider their needs, whether medical or diet related, and to stock mini emergency kits at their work stations as well. Preparation for the worst may actually end up saving someone’s life.

Having a fast and efficient disaster recovery plan could be vital to the survival of your business. If you can take the right precautions and minimize the damage caused by a sudden natural disaster, you could save your business…or reduce the pain experienced by the natural disaster. It’s just a matter of planning ahead.

4. Ensure That You Have Backup

Having a backup of your company’s electronic data can be a life saver. Files that are lost to a disaster can take very long to recover. Be sure to save your business files in different places. Physical files can be stored in secure offsite areas or in water-proof containers. Immediately before a disaster occurs, you and your employees can forward calls or electronic documents to your respective personal computers.  Determine alternative locations for small scale production or business operation and identify temporary options for your office space.

For larger scale operations that cannot be moved, consider installing emergency generators and boilers, like those offered at Nationwide Boiler. These generators and boilers can assist emergency personnel in responding to any relevant safety issues that arise, such as fire, flooding or injuries, and can provide the electricity and lighting needed to continue to run your operations when services have been knocked out by a natural disaster. Thus, this can help ensure the safety of your buildings, employees, and production.

About the Author

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