Will to Work: How to Become a More Adaptable Manager

Be an adaptable manager

Being a good manager entails being flexible and adaptable.

Good boss or bad boss? It depends on who you ask. Establishing a positive reputation as an effective supervisor is important for the success of any company. One way to do this is when managers learn to become adaptable in the way they facilitate operations and enhance productivity. The following tips can help to promote managerial adaptability in a variety of challenging situations.

Become a Good Listener

An adaptable and more approachable manager makes time to listen to employees. You need to take an interest in their questions, concerns, and complaints. Understand what motivates them and what interferes with work performance. As you work on your leadership skills, you should also know how to facilitate their job duties and know intimately what your employees do each day. Hearing their point of view enables a manager to better understand a department or company, and to make good decisions or address any issues.

Seek Employee Buy-In

Encouraging employees to take active roles in company operations enhances overall morale. Employees appreciate the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities and to be part of the decision-making process whenever possible. A manager who embraces the notion that employees have valuable contributions to make beyond regular job duties can promote a productive environment where everyone feels included and valued, and will go above and beyond their regular responsibilities.

Don’t Try to Be Perfect

Even the most competent manager makes mistakes. Employees expect it, and they are ready to forgive at a moment’s notice, especially when a manager can admit they don’t have all the answers, or that a mistake has been made. On the other hand, a manager who pretends ignorance or who tries to cover up a mistake will lose employee respect and morale may be negatively impacted.

Keep up with Important Trends

A flexible manager will keep an eye on the horizon and be ready to adopt important innovations and new processes to position the company for further growth. Rather than holding onto old fashioned ways of doing things, a sharp manager will look to the future and prepare the company to continue moving forward. Professional development training may be offered to employees and updated policies can be adopted for company safety and well-being. A manager might also consider courses at an Interactive College of Technology for further education in managerial experience and the newest technologies and innovations being used today. A successful manager is open to new ways of doing things. They will readily accept suggestions for consideration and possible implementation. Becoming a progressive manager may include taking on extra responsibilities and taking an active role in employee growth and development. Overall, adaptability can mean the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

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