Empowering Entrepreneurs to Become Financially Savvy

Podcast with Tiffany C. Wright

Webpage for the Beehive podcast interview with Tiffany C. Wright.

I was recently interviewed by Alisa Ivory Smith on her Beehive Podcast. The subject included two topics that I believe can truly elevate the success of a small or medium business: maximizing operational cash flow and tracking your business’ performance in those areas that are critical for your business. To listen to the interview, go to Episode 29, which aired on July 2, entitled “Tiffany C. Wright Empowers Entrepreneurs to Become Financially Savvy”.

Below are the show’s links:

Beehive podcast website link: http://thebeehivepodcast.com/2016/07/29-tiffany-c-wright/ 
iTunes link:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-beehive/id1070965634?mt=2


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