Work Hard, Play Hard: How to Put Together a Company Party

Company party or office party

Celebrate your employee’s hard work with a company party they’ll talk about for weeks.

Office parties used to be the stuff of legends back when companies knew how to let their hair down once in awhile. Nowadays, it seems that few businesses know how to put together company parties that people are actually excited to attend. If you want your company party to be a smashing success, keep these top tips in mind.

Know Your Staff’s Comfort Zone

Some employees are a little bit more “fun-loving” than others when it comes to the big annual company shindig. For example, tax accountants and the staff of a nightclub probably wouldn’t find the same activities appropriate for work outings. The key is to avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable while blowing off steam.

Don’t Make It an Obligation

A company party that’s either implicitly or explicitly mandatory isn’t really a party. If your staff is reticent about attending said party, sweeten the pot by designating a regular business day as a day off filled with fun. They’ll be far more likely to show up and enjoy themselves if it doesn’t impact their personal time outside of work.

Secure a Venue That’s Memorable

Hanging out in the office where you work sipping beer isn’t a party. A good company party takes everyone somewhere that’s unique. Bus the whole crew to a picturesque park nearby with plenty of barbecue pits at a minimum. Better yet, take them to a more exclusive destination like a historic hotel restaurant or an amusement park. Professionals know that finding a great venue for your event should be the least

Make the Catering Highly Unique

Anyone can hire a run-of-the-mill catering outfit to serve up tired hors d’oeuvres, main dishes and a few basic cocktails. Try to find a mix of food and drink that most office party attendees rarely see. Made-to-order wood-fired pizza is a quality option that’s sure to please practically everybody on the staff.

Loosely Structure the Proceedings

A party without any particular agenda quickly becomes just another humdrum gathering that’s not all that fun. On the flip side, a strict schedule of activities feels like work. Come up with a rough blueprint for events like volleyball games or pub trivia competitions and let the participants dictate how they’ll unfold.

Keep the Good Times Rolling

If you want to become famous for your company parties, bring attendees into the planning process. Send out an email survey afterwards to gauge the reaction from employees and guests. Solicit suggestions for next year’s bash while you’re at it. Before you know it, your office parties will become the talk of the town. If all this is to much for you or your administrative staff, outsource your company party planning to an event planner!

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