Suggestions to Spark Your Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation

This picture says it all.

Even if you do not run an advertising, creative marketing or other such firm and even if you do not have a rapid growth, cutting edge company, you do need to employ creativity and innovation. Although it may not be an everyday occurrence, nurturing your innate creativity and innovation helps you to generate solutions to all types of problems or challenges that arise. In addition, nurturing your creativity helps you to support and nurture the creativity of your team, resulting in more fun and innovative products and services and more creative ways of operating your business.

Creativity and innovation – definitions

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When I am stuck

If I am really and truly stuck and unable to spark innovation from other sources or activities such as reading or free flow writing, I will travel to a foreign country alone. I first did this – not for the purpose of sparking innovation, but to simply utilize my vacation and explore different cultures – when I was a young engineer at Honda working in Japan. I found that I became so amazingly creative and felt so open and receptive to new ideas. I realized this occurred because I stepped so far out of my comfort zone. I went to countries for which I did not speak the language, could not read the alphabet, and I had not booked all the hotels in advance (so I could navigate around the countries on a relaxed timeline). I realized that the world was full of infinite possibilities if I just opened my eyes and looked around. So I now travel overseas alone to recapture this feeling and re-spark my innovation and creativity.

Other ideas if you are stuck

If you are in a creative or innovative rut,