Take the Reins: Proven Leadership Strategies For Women CEOs

Goal-driven female CEO

Communicating goals and interacting with employees is crucial to success for female CEOS.

Female CEOs often deal with a unique set of challenges when they are at the helm of a company. Not only do they often have to prove that they are capable of leadership, but they also have to maintain the feminine aspects that people expect of them. Though male CEOs can encounter some of the same expectations, they are more commonly applied to women in leadership positions. There are many ways that women in powerful CEO positions can show that they are not only capable managers, but excellent leaders as well.

Connect with Employees

It is difficult to be an effective leader if you never leave your office. Some of the best CEOs have open door policies, which allow employees to come in and be heard if they have an issue. However, a CEO who gets out of the office to connect with her employees on their turf sets a good example. It shows that she truly cares about the employees and wants to get involved in the daily operations. It is also an excellent way to get to know your employees.

Go for It

Don’t be afraid to go for it. If you take risks, they may pay off. However, if you always do things conservatively, you will always get the same results. Nurture innovation within yourself and your employees. You may be surprised which members of your company offer excellent suggestions. Listen to them, and don’t be afraid to take the leap with something important to you.

Hire Wisely

Your employees are your greatest asset and the heartbeat of the company, so it is important that you hire those who reflect your mission. There are some things you can teach employees and other traits that are inherent. Hire those with inherently good values. As long as they have the ability to learn, you can teach them the skills you need them to have. However, you can’t teach someone to be a good person.

Female CEO out walking for health

Women who routinely get fresh air and regularly exercise have a better emotional outlook, which is important for CEOs.


Ultimately, your health and wellbeing will play one of the most important parts in your success as a CEO. It is easy to allow your position within the company to consume your life. Once that happens, you will become a less-effective leader. Take care of yourself physically by getting the exercise that you need. Develop a personal care routine in which you take care of your hair, teeth, makeup, and clothing. The time you spend taking care of your personal needs will help you individually as well as make you an excellent representative of your company.

Being a woman and a CEO is a lot of work, but these strategies ensure that the effort put forth is worth it. Connecting with employees, not being afraid to step outside the box, and taking good care of yourself will reflect greatly back on you in positive ways.

About the Author:

Emma is a freelance writer from Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. Information used in this article was provided by a career coach who helps women in business develop their leadership skills. They recommend that women in business perfect and streamline their self-care routine by using online coupons for cosmetics, which can be found here. Find Emma on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2