Two Very Low Cost Public Relation Services to Help You Grow Your Businesses

Promote your business.

Use radio and podcast interviews to promote your business, its products and services.

Are you struggling to get publicity for your company, latest project, or newest product?

As an author and speaker, I’ve had this issue. I wanted to share 2 very low cost services I’ve used to help build my business that you may be interested in to help build YOUR business, too. (Actually, I’m not being paid for this. I shared with the founder of these services that I had over 40 interviews from these services in 16 months and he asked me to pass on the information, which I gladly agreed to do.)

  • How to Get Radio Interviews and Publicity for Free

If you’d like to be interviewed on the radio or podcasts to promote your new website, book, or business, visit

Sign up to get this lists’ free daily emails and you’ll soon be receiving invitations from radio hosts and podcast producers to get interviews as a Guest Expert on their shows!  It’s a great way to obtain free publicity. (If you or your company has a podcast, you can use this service to find  guests to interview, too!)

  • Establish Yourself as an Expert Online (Affordably)

To look like an expert (which can help you sell more products or services or garner more clients!), you need to establish a strong online presence.  Getting interviewed in the media is a great step, too.

Listing yourself as an expert on can help!  It’s an affordable directory of experts, authors,celebrities, and marketers.  Getting your Guest Expert profile posted there can help you attract interview requests from journalists, help your website’s SEO, and improve your business’ credibility online.  Check it out at

If you get interviews from either of these services, I’d love to hear your feedback. Please comment below or contact me through the contact form. Happy PR!