What Business Leaders Need to Know About Creating a Successful Wellness Program

Healthy employee in an employee wellness program

An employee wellness program encourages employees to exercise.

If you manage a company, you constantly think of ways to engage your employees and keep them happy. You know that work parties and picnics unify your business and encourage friendship to grow among employees. But what about a wellness program?
Wellness programs attract employees that care about their physical and emotional health. The opportunities abound when it comes to promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle in the workplace.
Here are some ideas to consider in order to helm an effective wellness program:

Foster a Health-Conscious Atmosphere

You can draw in more than just your most health-zealous or physically active employees. Invite your whole office—including all teams and departments—to think about their health. Make health and safety a part of your company persona, and do so in a fun-loving and edgy way.
You can establish this type of attitude among employees by sending out daily or weekly health tips by email or training meetings. Give out rewards for those who meet daily goals like drinking enough water or exercising for 30 minutes each day.

Discourage High-Risk Behaviors

Besides emphasizing the good about a healthy lifestyle, make sure you highlight what not to do as well. Teach your employees to teach each other about the negative effects of behaviors like smoking and drinking. Help to create a sense of urgency about exercise, healthy eating habits, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Don’t forget to review the dangers of drinking and driving, especially before workplace parties where alcohol will be served. Those who are caught driving under the influence often face severe penalties, which can prove detrimental to their quality of life and legal standing for years. Encourage your employees to avoid lifelong health and legal issues by educating them on the dangers of high-risk behaviors.

Provide fruit to help employees remain healthy.

Providing fruit options in your cafeteria or break rooms is an excellent way to help employees remain healthy.

Show Some Ingenuity

Thinking out of the ordinary can greatly boost your wellness program. You can provide your employees discounts on their monthly gym membership payments. Or, you can choose a month on which to hold a themed 5K race for your company.

It’s easy to sell fruits and veggies at half price in the break room, but what about growing an organic garden on your business property? Collaborate with other people, including your HR leaders and individual team managers. With their help, you can discover all kinds of inventive, creative ways to promote health and happiness during the workday.

Be an Example

A truly great wellness program all starts with you, your vision, and your attitude. As a leader in your business, employees look to you and have their eyes on your day-to-day affairs. Before you ever even establish a wellness program or event—and certainly while you do—show others your love for good health.

Do your best to stay in shape—both physically and mentally. As you do, your employees will be more prone to welcome a company-wide wellness program, and your enthusiasm will spread to them.

When you remember these four tips, you can gain more confidence that your business will grow to be a haven of health and fulfillment for you and your employees alike.

About the Author

Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer from Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. The information in this article on the dangers of high-risk behaviors like driving under the influence was provided by Sessions Law Firm, LLC. To see more from Emma, check out her Twitter @EmmaSturgis2