Top 7 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

marketing strategies

Use several marketing strategies to drive revenue.

As a small business owner, your objective in business is to make high volumes of sales. You cannot attain this goal without employing marketing. But to do an effective marketing campaign, you must use strategies. Here is advice from the experts about how to carry out effective marketing.

1. Use several marketing strategies

No single marketing tactic works every time for all businesses. If you use only one method, your customers may tune out. You too will get bored. You can make your marketing fun. Make good use of the hundreds of opportunities to communicate your value to your customers. But, don’t be abstract when selecting a variety of marketing strategies. Use careful planning, get feedback from the customers, and adapt your strategies.

2. Use buddy marketing in promoting your business

Send brochures to your clients and include a business card or leaflet of another non-competing business that does the same for you. This will enable you to reach a new pool of potential clients.

woman marketing on phone

Answering the phone with a marketing question can help drive sales!

3. Use phone answering techniques to market

You can announce a special offer when answering your phone. For example, “Good morning, I am James Brown with BSD Technologies; ask me about my special marketing offer.” The person calling will be interested to know about the offer. Many companies use recorded messages on their phones when you call them. But how many live messages have you heard? Probably none. Ensure your proposal is aggressive and it expires in a not-so-distant time to come.

4. Stick it

Use stickers, handwritten notes and stamps in your direct mail marketing and daily business mail. If you put a handwritten message or a label on the envelope, it has the effect of a miniature billboard, and the people will read that first. The message should be short and clear, and it should be read in less than ten seconds.

5. Send an offer to your clients after they make purchases

After customers make a purchase, send a handwritten thank you note and tell them if they return with that note, they will have a private offer such as a 25 percent discount off their next purchase.

6. Use newsletters

It is about six times cheaper to make a sale to an existing customer than to a new one. Thus, use newsletters to target your marketing to old clients. Keep your costs down by sacrificing high production value and frequency. But if you find printed newsletters expensive, you can use email newsletters to the people who have subscribed to your site.

7. Hold seminars/ open house

Holding events is a good way to gain face time with major customers and prospects and also get your company name circulating. With the right programming, you will get media coverage and an excellent turnout. For the seminars, you can charge a fee and limit the attendance. A fee gives the impression of value, but free depicts that the attendees will have to bear with a sales pitch.

Marketing is essential to enhancing the sales of your small business. Great entrepreneurs such as David Kiger have used these marketing techniques, and they have been successful. You too can make your sales improve by using them.

  • To your first point, using more than one marketing strategy is good for a small business, but it’s also important not to spread your resources too thin. While you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, you should definitely keep your focus on what you know is proven to work for your company.