What Good CEOs Know About Dealing With Bad PR

Bad PR is an oops, but ignoring it is worse.

Bad PR is generally not good but not immediately addressing it is an even bigger mistake.

Bad PR does not have to ruin your business; as a matter of fact, many of the best CEOs actually consider it to be an opportunity. Here is how you can use bad PR to support the future of your business.

1. The negative citations still raise your search engine ranking.

It does not matter if people are mentioning you in a positive or a negative way online. Any mention of your business will increase your placement in the major search engines, improving your overall visibility in the eyes of the world. With proper reputation management, your company can take advantage of the citation quantity while burying all of the negative reviews on unseen pages deep within the Google search results.

2. Bad reviews can serve as good critiques.

Any good CEO will look at a negatively-worded review as a critique that the business can learn from. You can bet that your competition is looking at your negative reviews in order to find holes in your business and in your service, so you should be doing the same thing if you are smart.
Some of the best investments that CEOs have ever made in their companies have been in social media aggregation software that brings together all citations about a business from the Internet into a single place to be categorized, organized and reviewed by the appropriate staff members.

3. People who care enough to write a bad review can turn into your best customers.

Engage with the people who are making the bad reviews. Find out more about their problems and fix those problems promptly. What you will probably find is that these people will become your deepest advocates, spreading the word about your business to their social circles without you even having to ask them.

If someone is emotionally charged enough to write anything about your business, it means that you have affected them on a visceral level. These emotions are easier to manipulate, and you should look at these people as your best customers whether they are feeling positively or negatively about your business at that particular time.

There are many other reasons that bad PR can be extremely helpful to a business, and the best CEOs will never let a bad comment reflect on them personally. They will take the critique and improve the business every single time, creating a stronger product for the next customer.

About the Author:

Emma is a freelance writer from Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. Information used in this article was provided by a reputation management specialist with a Master’s in PR degree. To see more from Emma, check out her Twitter @EmmaSturgis2