5 Old School Practices That Strengthen Your Brand

business marketing success begins here

Your marketing success begins here, with these 5 valuable tips.

Nowadays, having a website and at least one active social media profile is pretty much a given for businesses of all sizes. Nevertheless, even if people are addicted to their digital devices, old school marketing practices haven’t stopped working. In fact, well-designed, traditional marketing materials with a unique twist may be just the thing to boost your brand and getting your business the customers and credibility it deserves.

Some online printers like 4OVER4.COM have now developed customizable options of standard products. So, you can choose custom printed envelopes and add your name, logo, slogan or even promotion to make it more appealing. It is a way to make an old school marketing practice current.

Check out these 5 practices that you should consider to dramatically strengthen your brand:

1. Personal Connections

You’ve probably heard that people consider today’s world –as we know it– to be way too impersonal. Whether they are put on hold by an answering machine or are prompted to select option after option by an automated system, customers certainly wouldn’t mind feeling there is actually some sort of human interaction. Creating even the smallest personal connection will make your brand memorable for your prospective clients.

2. Radio Ads

TV advertisement has proven to be effective, yet costly and out of reach for most small businesses. Print is also a great alternative but it can turn out a little weak, unless handled by professionals. On the other hand, radio has been, and still is, one of the most cost-effective advertising outlets for all kinds of businesses. Don’t limit yourself to ad spots. Try to contact local radio shows who will be more than happy to have you on as a guest, causing immediate impact in your target area.

3. Branded Stationery

When used properly, branded stationery can capture people’s attention and spark curiosity, thus creating brand awareness. Items like letterheads are currently printed on several sizes. Business and office correspondence play an important role in a more well-rounded branding strategy that includes all sorts of business stationery, such as, quotes and invoices.

Whichever print product you choose, make sure to get them from a professional printer for high quality results. You can go to the aforementioned printer’s catalog and see if any of these letterheads suit your purposes.

Personalized postcards for business

Personalized postcards are an effective method to market your business.

4. Personalized Postcards

Send personalized postcards to clients telling them about upcoming events they might like to attend, thanking them for recent orders or any other message that helps build a real connection. Design a truly unique postcard that features your company logo and print several copies. Once you do so, keep them on hand and send them as past of your order process.

5. Local Networking

Local networking is a clever way to build a client base that will become loyal returning customers for years to come. Even if social media has emerged as a great way to stay connected with an audience, it isn’t as meaningful as sitting next to each other at the local chamber of commerce, networking meeting, industry conference or annual convention. Of course, it requires more effort than posting a 140-character tweet, but it’s worth the trouble and certainly rewarding.

We hope this information comes in handy. Keep in mind that you must ensure consistency across all of your old school marketing materials as this can make or break your brand. Which practice did you find the most interesting? We would love to hear your thoughts and insights. Please feel free to kindly leave a comment below.