My #1 Marketing Tip

Old customers are gold

Former customers can be like gold to your business.

We all have our favorite marketing tips. These may be something that you find fun or interesting or something that actually drives significant calls, traffic, leads, or similar.

#1 Marketing Tip

My #1 marketing tip is to check in with past customers a MINIMUM of every 6 months. When you’ve been in business for awhile, past customers are an absolute gold mine. They often need your services again and again. Because you periodically check in with them, they remember you when it’s time for those services. In addition, by checking in with them, former customers “feel the love” and, when asked (and often, when not) provide your name as a referral. It’s sooo much cheaper to call or email these people or businesses than it is to bring on a brand new customer.

 Former customers are a goldmine

Former customers are a group that far too many other business owners neglect. They focus on pursuing and obtaining new customers or getting referrals from existing customers. However, they often completely neglect old customers, even though they’ve been in business for 5 or 10 or more years!! They forget that, if they sold their businesses, a key asset would be their customer list, which includes old customers. The takeaway: Use your customer list like someone buying your business would!