Video: Key Employees on Vacation


Business owner on vacation

To business owners: If you’ve set everything up right, this could be you on vacation!

Business owners and vacations

Many business owners find it difficult to take vacations, let alone vacations where they (nearly) completely detach from the office for a few days or more. Many business owners do not seem to understand that completely separating yourself from your business for a period of time can work wonders for both your personal health and perspective and your business’ health.  In addition to difficulty with “letting go”, many business owners either do not delegate sufficiently or do not put in the infrastructure, and manage that infrastructure, that supports taking a vacation.

Key employees and vacations

The significant difficulty arises when owners also make it difficult for key personnel to take vacations.  The company has a vacation policy but you frown upon certain employees actually using it! Watch this video to gain insights into and a brief synopsis regarding what you can do in your business to enable 1-2 week vacations for yourself as business owners or for key employees.