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I received this from the Tuck Executive Program at Dartmouth. I graduated with an MBA from Wharton, but I attended this program as a refresher course, and still think this a great program to attend. The focus is on small and medium businesses, not on distant corporate theories. I believe that all of you business owners who have never had such an education would benefit from a weeklong course. You’ll find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had! This program will definitely help you take your business to the next level. (No, I’m not compensated. I just believe this is an excellent program!) – TCW


Building a High-Performing Minority Business

 Think about how much your business will benefit

Think about how much your business will benefit if you give it stronger leadership. Most entrepreneurs spend too much time putting out fires, and never provide the leadership that will really make a difference.  Here’s your opportunity to attend this five-day strategic retreat designed specifically for diverse business owners and their key executives.

Work ON your business, not IN your business.

It’s a week in which you’ll do the work you’re supposed to be doing—looking at the overall picture of where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there.  That’s why your own business is your central case study for the week.  You’ll analyze what you’re doing well and what areas need improvement.   You’ll assess your financial results and projections, focusing especially on cash-flows. You’ll review your overall strategy and your operations. You’ll think about how you create value for customers, and whether you’re focusing on the right customers. You’ll evaluate how you are managing your company for profitability and growth. And you’ll gain insights about your approach to leadership and hone those skills. The program is all about you, and transforming  your company into a high-performing business.


Invest in your company’s future.

We can promise you an intensive learning experience, taught by the world-class faculty that has made Tuck a globally top-rated business school. The program is highly-refined, building on 35 years of experience in helping minority businesses to succeed. Today, this program provides a unique opportunity to “get out of the weeds” –to step back and look at your business analytically, plan its long-term growth and development, and refine aspects of the business that need to be working better.  It’s an investment in the future success of the enterprise. Everyone who has participated agrees that although it was hard to take the time away from their business, it was well worth it.


What did other CEOs learn?

Four weeks after the program, David Morse,President and CEO, New American Dimensions, of Los Angeles wrote  “It was an eye-opening experience to discover that so many other small business owners face the challenges that I encounter on a daily basis: cash flow; employee morale; staying focused on the big picture while immersed in the warfare of day-to-day tasks . . . The professors helped each of us look at our business in a new and different way . . . to reinvent, keeping what works, and jettisoning that which doesn’t. They allowed us space to imagine just what our business could be, and the techniques to make it a reality . . . In just a few weeks, I have already begun to implement change in my company. I have a new business plan. I’m working on a completely new marketing strategy. And I have my ‘to-do’ list. We…left with concrete tools to employ on our return home.”   Read what others have to say.


It’s time to come to Tuck. You’ll meet an incredible set of diverse business owners, you’ll get to interact with some industry leaders, and you’ll be on an Ivy League campus that is world-renowned in promoting business success.


This program can put your business on a different trajectory.  Don’t wait – make the investment in yourself and your business NOW.


Building a High-Performing Minority Business will be offered May 17-22, 2015. For more information, check our website or me directly. I hope to see you in May!http://exec.tuck.dartmouth.edu/images/uploads/CMS/1500/apply_now1.jpg


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