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Chuck Wang’s “Inspired Works” site featuring The Funding Is Out There! author

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chuck Wang, the broadcaster of The Inspired Works podcast, a few months ago (September, I believe). That interview is now live and available on The Inspired Works website and for download on iTunes. I’ve included the links below, to help you get there faster!

The Inspired Works Podcast deals with the business of life. Are you searching for more financial wealth? Better relationships? Inner peace? Do you know what is preventing you from achieving that which you are meant to achieve? This podcast focuses on 1) Mindset 2) Recognizing limiting behaviors and beliefs 3) actionable and repeatable processes 4) Support 5) Service to others


Link to the Inspired Works’ interview page:

IWP052: The Jerry Maguire of funding. Show me the money! SHOW ME THE MONEY!! .

The interview is 35 minutes long. If you need it broken up into shorter time frames to better suit your listening attention span or drive time, here is the

Link to the iTunes podcast page:

NOTE: It says “Explicit” for all his recordings, but I swear, I never use a curse word…and neither does Chuck Wang, the interviewer!!

Covered in this 1-hour podcast interview

Pain point insights:

  1. Business advisor  who helps companies find and access funding
  2. Relatively easy to obtain funding (particularly if you have assets or a history), just have to package it properly and explain any blips
  3. Ask yourself: What do you need the money for? Why? What else is driving the need for funding / occurring at the company itself
  4. Financial AND operational assistance

Personal life lessons:

  1. Focus on what you need and why you need it not on what you don’t have
  2. Makes order out of chaos
  3. There has to be a solution
  4. You never know who knows someone who may know someone

Toolsets to bridge the gap:

The Funding Is Out There! website:


Additional upcoming interview:

Join me for a LIVE blog talk radio with Marnie & Friends this Wednesday, January 14, 2015  from 3-4 pm CST at


Who: Marnie’s Friends

What: Management Training: Get Funding for Your Business

Date: Wednesday, 01/14/15

Time: 3-4 pm CST, 4-5 pm EST

Where: LIVE blog talk radio, online – 

  • As a fellow podcaster, I look forward to listen to this podcast interview!

    • Martin, I hope you enjoyed it. Check out more of Chuck Wang’s Inspired Works offerings. As a fellow podcaster, he may inspire you!