50 Ways to Generate More Sales

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Sometimes we all need a brainstorming session to generate ideas that will help us drive more sales. Well, I’ve provided the results of one such brainstorming session to you. All of these do not apply to all businesses. For example, if you generate the overwhelming majority of your sales online, over the phone or in a store, you would not do #3, visit more homes or businesses. Remember, however, that these suggestions are meant to both provide you with actions you can take immediately AND provide a source of inspiration for further brainstorming.

Ideas to Generate More Sales

            1. Increase or introduce sales activity.
            2. Place more cold calls each day. (If your conversion rate is 10% and you make 10 more calls, you will have one more sale.)
            3. Place more warm calls to repeat customers each day.
            4. Visit more homes or businesses each day.
            5. Visit more existing customers each day for repeat business.
            6. Send out more marketing emails each day.
            7. Deliver more marketing faxes each day.
            8. Mail more flyers or advertisements each day.
            9. Increase the number of follow up calls per day.
            10. Pass out more flyers each day.
            11. Find more businesses to display your flyers/business cards each day.
            12. Create more estimates and bid on more jobs each day.
            13. Invite more people to your location each day. (Social media can serve as an excellent tool to do this.)
            14. Draw more people to your website each day.
            15. Solicit more referrals each day.
            16. Display more signs around the market each day. (Perfect for food retailers.)
            17. Partner with more marketing entities or businesses each day.
            18. Advertise in more mediums each day.
            19. Stay visible each day in more community organizations, network groups, or associations.
            20. Facilitate more public relations /press releases each day.
            21. Track and communicate performance on a daily basis.
            22. Increase the conversion rate of contacts to sales.
            23. Train yourself or your staff to be curious to uncover and sell to explicit needs (SPIN).
            24. Make your customers more money, and be less expensive than your competition. (This is based on overall VALUE, not price.)
            25. Be faster than your competition; reduce your lead times.
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Marketing, targeted and measured, leads to sales.

            1. Demonstrate greater accuracy than your competition.
            2. Communicate better than your competition.
            3. Deliver on-time more often than others in your industry and competition.
            4. Be on-budget more often than others in your industry and your competition.
            5. Create less rework than the competition.
            6. Warranty the work better than the competition.
            7. Guarantee customer satisfaction.
            8. Guarantee the lowest price. (Only if this is part of your unique selling proposition, or USP)
            9. Target only high percentage leads.
            10. Compare your company’s service levels to your competition. Make changes accordingly or champion those differences to your current and potential customers.
            11. Guarantee rework levels.
            12. Offer more technological solutions that your competitors offer.
            13. Make it easier to do business with you in comparison to your competitors.
            14. Remove the minimum order size if excess capacity exists.
            15. Reverse engineer client/customer wants and desires weekly in team brainstorming sessions.
            16. Develop your company’s competitive advantage. (What do all your customers want that your competitors cannot or will not provide?)
            17. Track and communicate performance on a daily basis.
            18. Increase the transaction size.
            19. Provide training on suggestive selling techniques.
            20. Develop target buyers with target up-sell packages.
            21. Increase reliance on specific tenders (cash, credit card, in-house credit). Communicate this to existing and prospective customers.
            22. Provide courtesy inspections when on site to increase chances of up-selling.
            23. Increase scope of estimates and bids. (Use subcontractors if necessary).
            24. Merchandise or package products and services to increase sales size.
            25. Offer extended warranties on products or services.
            26. Offer deals on excess inventory.
            27. Host special events or sales targeting transaction size discounts.
            28. Provide free delivery with purchases of a certain size.

Have more sales generation ideas? Please share them below!