Thriving How-To: A Redefinition of Success

Arianna Huffington's re-defining success

To truly enjoy success, focus on: well-being, mindfulness, sleep, meditation, and de-stressing

Here is a slideshow/presentation from Arianna Huffington. From one entrepreneur to another, this will help you to re-focus on what is important to you. The money is nice, yes, but is that truly what drives you? Or is it the experiences that money can help bring to you (i.e., travel, art, sumptuous surroundings, charitable contributions)? Is it pride in producing something that others don’t do or is it pride in doing what you do  so  very well?

Whatever it is, check out this presentation and ask yourself, “How does this relate to me?” as you click through it.

Here’s a great quote:
“Over time our society’s definition of success has been reduced to money and power.”

Focus on the following to redefine (if applicable) success for yourself: well-being, mindfulness, sleep, meditation, and stress.
Meaning, pay attention to your general well-being, be mindful (if you are not fully present, you cannot fully experience it!), get sufficient sleep, meditate to increase awareness and peace, and keep your stress levels down.

For more insights, view the slideshow presentation!