Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Thanksgiving to all

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, your friends, your employees, your customers, and your vendors/ suppliers!!

Be Thankful

Remember to be thankful for what you have today. Whether your business is booming or you are having serious financial issues, you ALWAYS have something to be thankful for. Focusing on what you are grateful for can help you get out of the doldrums, if you are there, or achieve even more, if you are highly successful. Remember to thank your employees when they do a good job, your suppliers for providing you with good products at a good price on a timely basis, and your customers for keeping you in business!  When everyone in your business network / supply chain feels appreciated, they are more efficient and receptive. And, as a result, you are too!

More Reasons to Express Gratitude

When you show your customers gratitude – through special attention, special offers, remembering their names or birthdays, or simply saying a sincere, “Thank you very much!” – your customers “feel the love” and want to come back, repeatedly. Remember, it is significantly cheaper to obtain business from an existing customer than to bring in new customers. If you sold your business, your customer list would be one of your valuable assets. Are you using your customer list as such and making your customers feel thought of and valuable? When customers feel appreciated, they keep coming back. (Did I just say that?)

In addition, gratitude makes you feel better. Can you remember a time when you were saying thank you to yourself for any good or great thing that happened and you felt bad? No! Not possible. You felt good, perhaps really good! Appreciation and gratitude are powerful tools.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

One last note: By focusing on what in your business is working, whether everything or only one thing, you become more creative and any success you are experiencing grows.