Get Your Employees to Love Your Business as You Do

Man jumping in front of coworkers

This level of excitement may be rare, but it is possible!

Business owners periodically ask me how do you get your employees to love your business as you do.  Knowing the numbers that apply to them, the impact they have on those numbers and the business overall, feeling like they make a difference somehow (i.e., we really help our customers do XYZ, in other words, solve a real problem), all help employees have passion for your business. I have provided two examples of  how to get your employees to love your business as you do. One is general and the other is more creative.


Provide profit sharing.

Providing profit sharing does not need to take a big chunk out of the owner’s draw. Profit sharing, in conjunction with sharing the company’s goals with employees and acknowledging their contributions towards that goal, really helps employees feel vested in the success of the business.

Use employees in video or audio marketing.

I had different employees record IT training videos (our firm was an IT services company) and published them on our blog. They thought it was a hoot! Many were nervous at first. However, when I insisted that the employee I selected was the right person for that particular topic, each person relented. After a couple of videos, they started to ask when could they do it again. The videos showed them as the public face of the company. Normally only external marketing, sales people or, in a larger company, the PR person has external visibility. This also works for support personnel.

Do you have difficulty with people asking the bookkeeper handling minor HR issues repeatedly how to fill out a certain form? Make a video with the bookkeeper explaining how to complete the form and have other employees watch the video instead of coming to her. I think this goes over so well because, as the owner or executive, my acknowledgement of their skills was meaningful as was my faith in their ability to share their skills in a different way. As a result, they feel like true contributors to the company’s success, vested in making the company (and themselves!) look good.

What methods have you used to encourage your employees to act as if the business (or the portion they oversee) is theirs? Please share below in the comments.