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Tiffany C. Wright, the founder and featured voice of The Resourceful CEO, has been featured on the The Fresh Kisgen Show for the past three days. Today is the last day of the taped featured broadcast. However, the podcasts will be available for download or listening on iTunes.

According to The Fresh Kisgen Show page,

“IN THIS EPISODE,  (“Work Inspired” Clouds) YOU WILL LEARN:
Why she values her priorities
How her father was so influential
What books have shaped her life
Why she hated mechanical engineering
Why living your dreams is more important that making millions
Why there has to be something in it for you in or for you to have passion to help others”

(The above is quoted directly from the The Fresh Kisgen Show website.)

To listen to today’s 20-minute podcast, go to

To listen to the three previous episodes in the series, see the following:

Recessions Are Good Boulders:

Find an Advisory Board:

 Not My Bread and Butter:

In the Find an Advisory Board segment,


  • Why she sometimes doesn’t get much sleep for days
  • How she set an advisory board in place
  • Why she hired a business coach
  • Where you can find your own advisory board members and how it works
  • How she works on her business even though it’s still fairly new”

(The above is quoted directly from the The Fresh Kisgen Show website.)

According to a press release issued by the show, “The Fresh Kisgen Show is a new podcast that answers the “Can I really do this?” question burning in the gut of every employee stuck in a dead end job. Whether listeners are interested only in the “why” of what these entrepreneurs do or they want the whole story, The Fresh Kisgen Show has an exciting episode perfect for where each person is in their own entrepreneurial journey.”