Receptionist, Online Meeting, Payroll Services – Free Trials

I am an avid reader of various business and entrepreneurial magazines. I actually subscribe to the print editions of Fast Company, Inc., Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, and the Economist. (I love my Wall Street Journal but I just couldn’t read it every day so I had to place my subscription on pause!) While perusing Inc. and Fast Company, I actually noticed many of the ads this time. Specifically I noticed those that were giving away free trials. These are software applications and services that  businesses of all sizes can benefit from. So here’s the lowdown on the offers contained in the February or March issues.

(My apologies, but there were no trial offers from the car companies, travel destinations and technology product companies that advertised! )

GoToMeeting's web page

GoToMeeting’s website

GoToMeeting – According to GoToMeeting’s website, the GoToMeeting application offers “Easy web conferencing and online meeting tools.” These tools allow you to “Work with anyone, anywhere.” I personally have participated in many, many webinars and online meetings where the organizers use GoToMeeting and I am always impressed.

Depending on the settings you choose, your audience members can actively chime in or you can mute everyone but the presenters. You can allow participants to type in questions and show those questions.

The good news? GoToMeeting is now offering a 30-day free trial. You can download the free trial at .

Intuit Payroll web page

Intuit Payroll website

Intuit Payroll – Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks and Quicken now has an online payroll services application it aptly named Intuit Payroll. You can use this application to handle a portion of your payroll duties or you can outsource all of your payroll services to Intuit Payroll. In the latter case, the application becomes more of a payroll company ala ADP, with a nice user interface behind it.

Intuit Payroll offers an online demo to help familiarize you (or your accountants or payroll clerks) with the application. It also offers a 30-day FREE trial. This trial includes live support to make sure you get the most out of your trial (and convert to a loyal, paying customer!) Access the free trial at

Now we drop down to a 14-day trial but free is free!

Ruby Receptionist web page

Ruby Receptionist website

 Ruby Receptionists – Admittedly, I’d never heard of Ruby Receptionists until I saw the ad in Inc. magazine. But that’s why you advertise, right? Well, their two-page ad of a large, black telephone on one page and a receptionist/telephone operator on the other page caught my eye. I also liked the cursive wording, “Rediscover the lost art of human interaction.”

Ruby Receptionists provides offsite receptionists who are highly trained in the fine art of great customer interaction. No gum chewing or attitudinal receptionists whose lunch or snack you interrupted! If your business doesn’t have a receptionist, and instead has someone who handles multiple duties and answers the phone, this may be a great option for you. The automated phone lines can be great but they can also be a pain the arse for customers when they just want to speak to a live body!

To take advantage of Ruby Receptionist’s 14-day FREE trial, call 866-611-RUBY (7820 for those calling from mobile phones) or visit .

Know of other free trials of interest? Please comment below or let me know so we can share them with other readers!