Merry Christmas!

May you and your employees truly enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

May you and your employees truly enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

The vast majority of the population in the world are not Christians. However, we can all embrace the spirit behind Christmas. Not the shopping and seeing how you can outdo the gift from last year. Or seeing how much stuff we can load up in our kids’ rooms. But the spirit of forgiveness, hope, love, compassion and renewal.

The Christmas holiday season in the United States has the highest suicide rate. While many of us take for granted our loved ones — friends, family and other people close to us — some do not have this. They may have recently lost someone special or have no friends or family to speak of.

Please do not assume that everyone has someone to see on Christmas or to visit. Ask what people are doing and take the time to truly listen. Invite someone from your office or with whom you do business home for dinner, volunteer as a group at a children’s group home or nursing home, share some kind words with someone who does not look happy. Sometimes the simple act of just paying attention to someone for a few minutes can make him or her feel special and more connected to the Christmas spirit.

Christmas is a time to be thankful and appreciative of what you have. You can show it by just reaching out a little beyond your immediate family or staff and sharing your joy with others through your words and actions.

Merry Christmas!!