How to Use Business Centres in Order to Attract Customers

Guest post. About the author: Mike is an analyst, an entrepreneur, a commentator and a business adviser

Customers are the lifeblood of companies. Other than financial statements, attracting customers takes up a huge amount of time in terms of operating a business. It is the job of the sales and promotion or marketing department in some companies to attract customers. However, quite a number of you out there do not realize that a business centre in Hong Kong and in other places can also help you attract customers.

Premium and Prestigious Address

A popular reason some business choose to rent or occupy serviced offices is because they are located in central business districts. Customers and clients get a good, positive impression when dealing with companies with addresses  located in these districts. With hundreds if not thousands of available spaces, you can find one which complements your company’s needs and specifications. However, a central location is just one of the methods used by business centres to help attract customers. Some of the other ways might surprise you.

Support and Facilities

There are some people who use business centres solely for administrative purposes. Frequently traveling businessmen will use a centre’s high speed Internet connection to check, send, and reply to mails. Mobile employees will negotiate for a limited period lease just to print, organize, collate, and sort documents. Home based business entrepreneurs and companies with virtual teams will use conference and meeting rooms. But did you know that you can connect with your customers better? Have quality documentation and engage in a productive meeting with the help of the centre’s staff?

Serviced offices such as business centres employ professional and highly capable support personnel. Therefore, you can seek their assistance when you encounter problems composing letters, making power presentations, organizing last minute or flexible meetings, and preparing convincing flyers and leaflets. These are just some of the quality skills that you can seek from serviced office staff which can give you an edge when it comes to luring customers to your business.

Consultancy and Errands

Why do it yourself when you can have somebody to do it for you? A key virtue of serviced offices like business centres is that they are not limited to solely providing a temporary office and professional support. You can also ask them to secure necessary permits and licenses for your business. When using business centres in Hong Kong, you can even seek advice from the staff on how to do business in China and in other territories. You can consult with staff and centre management about business management and planning for your company. Serviced offices can also provide travel you and your employees with hotel arrangements.

Business centres in Hong Kong and in other countries serve as more than a temporary office for frequently traveling business people, home based entrepreneurs, companies with virtual staff, mobile staff, and other professionals needing an office. These centres provide basic office services as well  ideas on how to manage customers, business, and operations. You can think of these centres as a one stop shop catering to most, if not all of your business needs, thereby, saving you time and money. All you have to do is find a package to suit you and your business needs.