PR Builds Credibility and Provides Exposure

Here’s a quote from a newsletter I received from Mickie Kennedy,  who runs a PR company:

“PR Builds Credibility-Potential clients and existing customers, not to mention vendors / partners, trust what is in print – except when it
comes to advertising. By getting in print, you establish credibility that greatly exceeds a paid marketing message.”

I wholly agree with this statement. Previously, I could say I was unsure. Not anymore.
I just completed a long-term COO engagement where I worked  for a community development company based in Raleigh, NC. Although it has been in existence for 21 years, few outside of the community development realm ever heard of them. It had a few highly loyal faith (church) partners in whose bulletins we published updates.

I know a lot of business owners who talk about doing more PR but don’t have the money (or don’t wish to allocate the money) to hire a PR firm. It’s then difficult for them to come up with topics that somehow pertain to their business that may be of interest for others – namely journalists or bloggers – to write about. To get around both of those and for cheap PR, I recommend businesses join For ~$1,000 per year, you can respond to journalist inquiries related to whatever topic your business deals in. Are you a provider of energy drinks, sporting equipment, vitamins and minerals, or medical equipment? You can respond to health and fitness topics. Are you a provider of IT services or administrative services or management consulting? Then you can respond to business inquiries. Do you serve the small business sector? Then respond to inquiries that specically pertain to small businesses. When you respond, include a blurb about your company. I’ve used them and it works well. I was even quoted on an “Advertisement” story page in Forbes. Once you set up the format, you can have your PR intern respond. (See previous posting.) Just double check their work before submitting! (And no, I’m not being compensated by! I wish!) This was just another creative tip to help your small or medium business utilize resources optimally.