Update: Passage Home, Inc. and the Mobile App Contest

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to express my utmost appreciation to all of you who voted in the Atlantic BT mobile app contest. Passage Home, Inc. came through in the last hours and won the first round! We could not have done it without all the supporters who went on line and voted for us.

Next up is the 3rd and final round. For this we must prepare a pitch and present to Atlantic BT. I guess it’ a good thing that a couple of for-profit people are on board. (Not that most for-profit people have experience making investor pitches, but many sales people have experience making sales pitches, which is what I think this pitch is more akin to.) Of course, Chief Development Officers often make pitches, except it’s usually more one on one.

Anyway, I’m off track. The point is that we won the opportunity to make a pitch which we will do in  ~1.5 weeks.

With much gratitude,

Tiffany C. Wright