Passage Home Won Innovative $25,000 Mobile App Grant Contest

Passage Home employees with the $25,000 check.

Thank you very much to everyone who voted for Passage Home, Inc. in its bid to win a $25,000 mobile applications grant. Your voting – both the initial days-long voting and the later 45-minute voting – was highly successful. Passage Home won the grant! Atlantic BT, the grant provider, will now create a mobile application for Passage Home and other nonprofits to access a nonprofit registry for goods and services needed ala a bridal registry.  Please click on this link to read the press release about the contest and the win.

Click on this link to view the original video that Passage Home submitted as its contest entry.

Besides being the COO of Passage Home, I included this contest here because I think it is an excellent example of how creativity can help drive business for your company and do good at the same time. Atlantic BT is a technology and graphics company that decided to expand its service offerings and clientele to include nonprofits. The team there thought awhile about how best to introduce itself to its new market and get the word out about its existence and what services it can provide. That’s when they came up with the contest.

You can use this contest as an example of what you could do with your business to enter new markets or garner new customers. Atlantic BT AND the participants – not the least of which is the winner, Passage Home – obtained a fair amount of press coverage. All the participants who did not make it to the finals and those who did not make it beyond the first round are all potential customers. All those who even considered entering the contest but couldn’t come up with a video theme or a mobile app tool in the allotted time are prospects. I’d heard that contests are a great marketing and PR tool but this is the first time I have personally seen it in action, up close and personal. I am now a true convert as to the myriad benefits of utilizing innovative contests as a core part of a good marketing strategy.

I’d love to hear your contest experience.