Business Quotes for When You’re Feeling Less Than Optimal

Here are a few business quotes that someone shared with me recently that I think are excellent to look at when you’re not feeling that you or your business is at its best…or when you’ve had a setback or a so-called “failure”, large or small. These quotes will help to keep things in perspective.

From John Maxwell:

  • “When achievers fail, they see it as a momentary event, not a lifelong epidemic.” (Note: This is why so many tech entrepreneurs and investors repeatedly talk about “failing quickly”. Your business may not succeed or you may fall far short of your goal or you may lose a lot of money or all three. But you have to get right back up, view it as a learning experience, figure out what went wrong, and go for something else. The quicker you do this, the faster you eventually succeed. Also, the quicker you do this, the less likely you are to change your self-image to something that completely saps your confidence for a long time.)
  • “All achievers have in common the ability to bounce back after an error, mistake, or failure.” (See the note above. Persistance is more about the ability to bounce back and approach from a different angle using what you learned from the mistake than it is about just ramming through it!)

From Ralph Waldo Emerson:

  • “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” (Remember, any product, service, full scale business starts with an idea whether it’s yours or someone else’s. All of these are a manifestation of what was within expressed without.)

From Pete Zarlenga:

  • “Action conquers fear.” (If you spend all your time contemplating what you should do or what your next movement should be or the how, you’ll create more anxiety and worry. As Nike used to say: “Just do it.” Act and figure it all out as you go along. Each step brings you closer to success even if it ends up being a mistake. Why? You now know what not to do, and that helps inform what to do.)