Vote for Mobile App to Support Nonprofit Funding (Via In-Kind Donations)

Atlantic BT, a high tech company focused on creating mobile applications for businesses and government, is sponsoring a contest for nonprofits. The winner of this contest would have their mobile app idea made into an actual mobile app product…at no cost to the winner!  Passage Home, Inc. entered this contest to get their mobile app idea, a nonprofit registry, actually made into a mobile application that anyone can use anywhere at any time. This nonprofit registry would work like a bridal registry and be open to all nonprofits, not just Passage Home.

Nonprofits could post their specific needs such as 6 desk chairs, 3 computers and monitors, one vehicle, and numerous other items, as those needs occurred. Individuals and companies would go through the registry to see who in their geographic area needed that which they had to donate. Needs matching made easy! This mobile app would enable Passage Home and other nonprofits to readily access a very important source of funding: in-kind donations. An in-kind donation is defined as that which the non-profit would have had to pay for. By obtaining the actual product or service, the nonprofit does not need to expend the cash that would be needed to purchase these items.


To help Passage Home get this wonderful mobile app created, you have to vote for it!