In Office Document Safety

Lock up your valuable documents.

How do your employees keep their items safe in the office? How do you protect the valuable documents in your office and your petty cash stash? Do employees have offices that lock? Do they have desks that lock? What about a document lock box? Or, going one big step further, built in lockers? If all your employees have their own offices, admittedly rare in this day and age, then some of the former options I mentioned are best for securing items such as laptops, other hardware, confidential documents, and other valuable company items. However, if like most offices, you have cubicles, then locking the office is not an option. So what do you do? Also, I worked at Honda and Enron which both had open seating plans ala trading floors. When you don’t even have a cubicle and the point is to be able to look your deskmates right in their faces and not be blocked by cabinetry or other stacked storage equipment, your options decline further.


Well, not really. It may be conventional thinking that a closed office is more secure than an open office but that doesn’t have to be the case.  And why not spin conventional thinking on its head every once in a while? Conventional thinking says that people work better in their own offices. But the surge in freelancers and small business owners working out of Starbucks turns that upside down! So what are the options for security in such instances? One: strong desks with locks. If you don’t have anything too valuable but which you generally want to keep out of open view, this will suffice. Next up: document lock boxes or storage cabinets. The former typically have stronger locks on them making them much more difficult to open but they tend to be portable; the latter have weaker locks but, due to their size and weight, are very difficult to move. Another option: place the document lock box inside the storage locker. And who said I didn’t come up with original ideas?

A stronger option (before moving to an office safe!) is to install built-in lockers. These cannot be moved and hence, can have stronger locks installed on them. Protecting your company valuables from thievery provides greater peace of mind (and keeps the insurance costs down). If you are afraid your documents could be lost in a fire, then get a fire-proof safe…or get a business safe deposit box at your bank. You can thank me later!

And after dealing with all this metal, use some antibacterial soap to wash off all the germs!