2 Small Business Internship Programs

Several weeks ago someone told me of a program in Ohio that subsidized the hiring of paid college interns by small businesses. That piqued my interest and caused me to try to locate other programs. Here is what I found (click on the highlighted links to go to that program’s website):


Canada: The Small Business Internship Program (SBIP) provides small and medium-sized enterprises financial support to hire a post secondary student intern to assist them in their adoption of e-business strategies to increase their productivity and competitiveness. Here are the criteria to qualify for participation in the SBIP program:

To be eligible for this program, your firm must:

  • be a Canadian small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) with less than 500 employees;
  • be incorporated or a sole proprietorship and for-profit;
  • have been in continuous operation for a minimum of one year;
  • have an existing web site and wish to enhance your e-business capability;
  • contribute a minimum of 25% of the student wages and related expenses.

Ohio: The Third Frontier Internship Program was established in 2002.  The program links students at Ohio colleges and universities to quality internship opportunities providing valuable in-the-field experience via Ohio’s business community. The program’s goal is to help increase Ohio’s technical capabilities and broaden the attractiveness of the state to the private sector. Another goal is to help students obtain full-time positions after graduation and ease the recruiting burden of smaller companies.

What the program does:

  • Reimburses businesses up to 50% of the intern’s wage. Maximum reimbursement:  $3,000 for a 12-month period.

Click on the link above for more information or to involve your Ohio firm in this wonderful program.

Any other programs offered by other states…or nationally? I’d love to hear from you.