Identified: A New Recruitment Tool

Want to find a good candidate for a job your company has? Well, now there’s a new site called Identified which ranks people based primarily on the following criteria: work history, education, and social network. People will be publicly ranked (for now) on a scale from 0 to 100 based on how well they show in these areas. Currently the social network information is pulled from Facebook.

Personally, I know my LinkedIn network is much stronger than my Facebook network so my score may lag accordingly. Uh oh! What does that mean? Will I go from being a top ranked business commenter to languishing toward the bottom of the barrel? Hmmm.

The founders, Brendan Wallace and Adeyemi Ajao, are calling Identified “Google Page Rank for People.” This may be fitting considering that the duo raised a portion of their $5.5 million in angel investment from Eric Schmidt’s, former Google CEO, Innovation Endeavors.

The ranking methods may invite some controversy, as any ranking typically does, at least initially. But I have to admit this is a pretty innnovative approach to finding people who are the right fit for the job. For jobs in sales and marketing, in business development or partnering, or in any relationship driven role, these rankings could be very helpful. This could be a more efficient way to find those with particular skills and a strong rolodex.

The question though is, do most people keep their rolodex on Facebook? Or is there a generational bias? I connect with colleagues and friends through LinkedIn and friends and family through Facebook. But my younger brother primarily uses Facebook. Well, Identified just went live on Monday so perhaps they will incorporate LinkedIn at a later date. Especially if LinkedIn, or someone associated with them, invests some capital I presume. (A Facebook exec, Chamath Palihapitiya, was one of the angel investors whose contributions totaled $5.5 million.)

Want to read more about Identified? Check out the article on them in Forbes.

  • Hi. Personally I believe that measuring a person´s ability to perform at a job using FB just doesn´t make sense when LinkedIn is already out there. I think I won´t be using Identified until there is full LNKD integration.