Employee Discount Programs Offer Employees Great Perks

Employee Discount Programs Offer Employees Great Perks


Employee Discount Programs Offer Employees Great Perks

By Alexander Baink

The use of employee discount programs as a tool for recruiting, retaining, and motivating top employee talent is becoming increasingly common among corporations. As the costs of healthcare and other common benefits continue to rise, some companies have had to look for more cost effective ways to attract and retain good employees. More and more, organizations see that the value of offering employee discounts to workers for products they buy anyway is as good as that offered by any other incentive program available.

Employee discount programs: Get more for less

Corporate discount programs are designed to provide employees of a company access to great corporate perks for products they normally buy. The solutions are good for corporate reputation and employee retention and motivation because they are generally customized for the specific corporation. While some merchants work with many corporations to offer discounts, the unique blend of deals and providers offered by a company give it an advantage over competing employers.

The benefits to the end user, or the employee, are really what drive the success of this effective corporate perk. Recognizing this, many employers turn over the development and implementation of their employee discount program to a specialized service provider. There are some leading companies that build customized employee discount solutions tailored to the desires of each corporation. Top solution builders use the latest technology to actually provide employees with access to a web portal that they can use to efficiently search merchants and discounts.

Another benefit to corporations of outsourcing the provision of discounts for employees is that leading service providers generally maintain relationships with hundreds of leading merchants and brands. This means they can provide the broadest range of merchants and products and the deepest discounts. Some merchants offer employee discounts of up to 50 percent of regular price on certain products and services. This ability to select from a large assortment of deals gives greater value to the corporate incentive programs from the perspective of employees.

During times when fuel and consumer prices are relatively high, the ability to save hundreds, or thousands of dollars, simply by working for a particular employer, might be enticing for some employees. Additionally, the programs suggest to employees that they are appreciated, and important to their employer. Employees are happy to brag to friends and family about corporate perks that make their job or company seem more reputable.

Employees are entering the workforce more demanding than ever that employers care about them as people and take care of them. With the opportunities to find cost-effective, value-added, and efficient to use discount programs, it is no surprise that corporations are moving quick to add this employee perk to their benefits packages.

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