Business Presentation Websites


I came across an article regarding useful small business web sites in the Wall Street Journal.  I especially like the “making presentations” section which featured three (3) websites. Below I freely paraphrase portions of the WSJ article, Useful Sites for Small Companies.

SlideShare – I’ve read about them a few times, including a wonderful article on about the founder, who is a woman. As a woman who also started her career as an engineer, it’s always nice to see other women successful in the technical realm. But I digress. Per the article, SlideShare “helps small businesses create and share presentations in a social-networking environment which can help get them noticed by potential clients”. I’ve used SlideShare and have a few presentations posted there…and will be adding more in the future. (Here’s the link to my channel:  . Shameless promotion I know but hey, it’s my blog!) The basic service is free. Higher level service starts at $19/month. – This website offers templates, if you don’t have access to Microsoft Powerpoint or you just wish to use something different. It does also let you import existing presentations. You can also bring in “free content from sites such as Flickr and YouTube”. As with SlideShare, the basic service is free. Higher level service -“the professional version” – starts at $24 per month, but you get a 14-day trial for free to check it out. – Interesting name, eh? This website allows you to make more interactive presentations with features such as zoom and pan. You can take an existing presentation and add bells and whistles to it on Prezi. Personally, that alone makes me want to at least try modifying one presentation using this service. Again, the basic service is free. Upgraded services start at $59/year (NOT per month, but per year)…and you get a 30-day free trial.

With all of the presentation websites described above, the free service only allows for publicly available presentations. If you want to make your presentations private – i.e., available only to members of a team or to your company as a whole – then you must upgrade to a paying service.

If you try these, I’d like to hear your thoughts on them. Does one work better than the other for specific purposes? What are those uses?