Targeting a Market Niche

I want to call attention to a video I saw about niche marketing. When I talk to companies about strategy, part of that strategy involves knowing who your market or target market is and how to get to them. The broader the market, the more difficult the messaging. If you have a broad market, you can still make the messaging more specific and therefore more compelling, by segmenting that market into niches and tailoring your product or service for those specific market niches.

This video discusses market segmentation and niches. Although this video’s purpose is for internet marketing, this doesn’t matter. Determining segments and niches is important in all marketing.

  • Great catch. I would add that it’s important to have a product or service that can not only speak to the niche in the market language, but also can offer good value to the potential customer. All of the targeting in the world won’t help, if the product or service doesn’t offer a good value within the context of the niche customer’s perspective.