Business Makeover – a tv show

I’m a fan and believer of working on your business, not just in it. This is the difference between being strategic and running a lifestyle business – a small business that pays for your lifestyle but is not truly an asset separate from yourself. I also believe in learning from others’ mistakes whenever and where ever possible. Here is the American Business Makeover show I saw online where a team of experts went in and helped a business owner re-structure her business. It was on MSNBC. The video now resides on the Amex open forum website. See the link below.

If you want to view original broadcasts of this series, American Business Makeover: Makeover on Main, go to MSNBC on Sundays at 7:30am. (Personally, I sleep in on Sundays so I’m glad I can see it on the internet or set the DVR to record.)

Whether or not you or someone you know has an ailing business, I think it’s a great show. I really liked an episode a month or two ago regarding a flower shop. There’s great information on marketing, PR, and knowing when to seek outside help. It’s a peek into other’s business problems, with the focus on arriving at a solution for the various issues. I think it will help you not only see that your business is not the only one with problems, but also provide you with creative ways to resolve the problems.


  • I am the third generation bakery owner of a small town bakery. I am a very artistic person and decorate witht that ability. The two generations before me were a variety of retail baked items that were made from all family recipes. I am trying to renevate my store to make it look more up-dated to todays trends in our industry. I am very happy to be in the bakery business and I love what I do but to keep in todays standards for what our customers are looking for I would love to have a makeover. It is very unusual today to have the third generation in our business but with the economy the way it is and all the hours I put in I would love to have a new image. Thank you. Diahann Byers-Cascarella

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