Free eBook: Drive Value Increases in Your Business

How will you extract the value from your business? Will you sell, recapitalize, or seek investors? Will you use your business as a passive investment? Download your copy of “5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Business”. This eBook will provide you with insights and actions to increase your business’ value (and, thus, your net worth).


Why Use The Resourceful CEO?

We are a non-traditional management consulting (financial and operational) and business management (financial and operational) training provider. We help small and medium business owners such as you who do not have a senior management team and are struggling to build a sustainable business that runs well without you.  When you work with The Resourceful CEO, you build build infrastructure and access needed funding. We help you increase your business' cash flow and your business' value.

We can solve your problems but we specialize in helping you solve your own problems. That way, when we're gone, you continue to achieve your goals and objectives. We do this through the wide range of digital products and training courses, a membership site, phone advisory packages, and email and phone consulting packages. The latter includes a synopsis of work we completed and explanations and instructions on how to replicate this in the future.

The Resourceful CEO works with you to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of your company. Our main focus is on small to medium sized businesses; we work hard as a defacto member of your executive management team to help you utilize your in-house resources to become (more) cash flow positive and build greater value for your business.